Affine Function Valued Valuations
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im体育题目: Affine Function Valued Valuations  

报告人: 李晋 博士(Vienna University of Technology) 

地点: 腾讯会议室

im体育时间: 2020年9月10日 15:00-16:00

摘要: A function valued valuation is an additive map defined on convex bodies and taking values in a function space. We say a valuation is affine if it behaves “nicely” under affine transforms, e.g., volumes, Euler characteristics (constant functions), moment vectors (understand as linear functions), support functions, Minkowski functionals, and so on. In this talk, I will show some classifications of SL(n) covariant or contravariant valuations which not only characterize valuations mentioned above but also characterize some (functional) extensions of Lp projection bodies and Lp moment bodies (polar L-p intersection bodies). Some applications will be also introduced.

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